As we noted last year, Mouton 2000 has bucked the First Growth trend – rather than declining, the wine’s prices have recently hit record highs. The 96-point vintage now has a market price of £11,000 – a 400% increase on its London release price of 2001.

The price of the 2000 is striking in comparison with other Mouton vintages from exceptional years. The 2005, with the same score as the 2000, has a market price of £3,850 – just 10% above its release price and just over a third the price of the 2000. Meanwhile the 2009 and 2010 have fallen in value since release, and are now at record lows: at £4,900 and £5,200 they are half the price of the 2000, but have scores of 99 and 98.

The 2000 has over a decade in bottle, which will of course add to its value. Moreover, its black and gold ram label would seem to appeal to an Asian market. But does this justify such a premium over younger Mouton vintages? Or, looking at it in reverse, are the 2005, 2009 and 2010 currently undervalued? 

Mouton Rothschild_prices