Liv-ex 1000 non-Bdx sub-indices

Over a two year period the Bordeaux 500 and Bordeaux Legends 50 – both sub-indices of the Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000 index – have fallen 4.9% and 6.5% respectively. All other sub-indices have risen; the Rest of the World 50 index has had the steadiest climb, rising 16.5%.

The USA has led the charge for the ROW 50. Dominus 2005 and 2006 have risen over 40% since January 2011 to push close to £1,000 per 12×75: with 95 and 96 points from Parker, they are still relatively affordable by Bordeaux First Growth standards. Recent vintages of Opus One have also risen in price, perhaps boosted by the attention from the release last year of the 2010 – winemaker Michael Silacci’s self-proclaimed ‘best vintage yet.’

The top performers of the last two years also include a host of wines from Burgundy, Italy, and Champagne. The Champagne 50 index closed 2012 flat for the year but prices rocketed in 2013 for several newly released vintages: Taittinger Comtes 2002 climbed 47% to £1,335 and Cristal 2004 rose 30% to £1,470. The Burgundy 150 index also took off in 2013, with Armand Rousseau’s Chambertin Clos de Beze 2002 the biggest mover. Italy’s strongest performers remained the Super Tuscans, but prices are lifting for other wines from the region: Redigaffi 2005 and 2006 have risen over 30% in two years.

Only the Rhone 100 index has struggled to keep its balance in the last six months – but with a 1.9% rise over two years, it is nonetheless outperforming Bordeaux.

2 year movers_Liv-ex 1000

Please note that all prices above are the Liv-ex Mid Price and are for 12×75 cases, except for the DRC price, which is per bottle.