The Bordeaux 2013 in-barrel tastings have just begun for critics – and don’t commence for the trade until the UGC tastings next week – but Pontet Canet 2013 is already out of the blocks, released today at €60 per bottle ex-negociant. In one sense the early release is a positive sign, suggesting that the campaign will be short. But is the price right?

With yields down 50% on last year, Pontet Canet 2013 has been released at exactly the same price as the 2012, which now has a market price of £600 per case. For the 2013 to work for the merchant, they would need to offer it for at least £650. Other back vintages would seem to offer better value: the 2008 (in Parker's words, "a candidate for wine of the vintage") has a market price of £640 and a score of 96. With merchants unable to recommend the 2013 because they have yet to taste it, will they or their clients have the confidence to take it on? It's a tough ask.

Pontet Canet 2013

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