Pavie and Angelus

In early September 2012 the St Emilion reclassification saw Angelus and Pavie promoted to Premier Grand Cru Classe A.  The effect on both wines was instantaneous: by the end of the month prices had risen 8% and 7% respectively. As the Bordeaux market struggled to move, Angelus and Pavie prices kept climbing. Recently they have slowed.

Having risen 27% by May 2013 Pavie prices reached a plateau, and have since held steady. Angelus prices dropped sharply this year to touch an eleven month low. However, compare prices for the 2000-2010s side by side and both have reached an average of £2,200 per 12×75 (notably lower than the other two wines in the Classe A category). Although the price climbs seem to have stopped, the promotion has significantly boosted Angelus and Pavie in an uncertain market: over the same time period the Bordeaux 500 Index is flat. 

Pavie and Angelus_prices