Among the wines to release today were Angelus and Pavie, the two Right Bank chateaux who were promoted to Premier Grand Cru Classe A in September 2012 and who bucked the general trend by releasing their 2012s at a higher price than their 2011s. The 2013s saw some discount on last year, but it was minimal: at €165 per bottle ex-negociant, Angelus and Pavie 2013 are down 8% on 2012.

While Angelus and Pavie have been great performers since their promotion, both have recently flattened out. As the charts illustrate, at £1,790 per 12×75 the 2013 is currently more expensive than several vintages of both wines, including the 2007, 2008 and 2011. It is also ranked among the lowest scorers, leaving many to shrug their shoulders at the price.