2013 compared to cheapest

A flurry of releases at the end of last week and the beginning of this one means that many of the key 2013s are now out (for coverage including prices and scores, please see the Liv-ex En Primeur pages). As yet, only a few wines have found a secondary market, and there would seem to be good reason for this. 2013 is a difficult vintage that has followed two poorly priced En Primeur campaigns. For it to work, it needs to be the cheapest vintage on the market, and as the chart above shows, over half of the key wines to release have cheaper back vintages. The three wines that have traded so far – Lafite, Carruades and Mouton – are among a handful whose 2013 is the cheapest vintage by over 10%. A sign, perhaps, that more chateaux (if they wished to sell) should have looked to the market before pricing their latest vintage.