Liv-ex 100_September

August was the first month since March 2013 in which the Liv-ex 100 rose. Those fearing that it might have been an anomaly may be reassured by September’s level, which shows that prices are holding steady. The Liv-ex 100 closed the month on 236.86, up 0.3% on August. But while the Bordeaux First Growths led the charge in August, this month their prices drifted: the Liv-ex 50 closed 0.5% lower at 265.25.

As shown in the table below, four of the month’s five biggest risers fell outside the First Growths. Unsurprisingly, at the top of the table is the latest 100-point wine from Parker: Montrose 2010, which was upgraded from 99 points after a vertical tasting. Scores were released in late August and the wine had already begun to rise by the end of the month, but September saw prices leap by almost a fifth. By contrast, Montrose 2003 – which Parker upgraded from 96 to 99 – failed to hold the 7.4% price rise that it saw last month, and dropped back slightly.

The remaining Liv-ex index levels – including the sub-indices of the Liv-ex 1000 – will be released later today.

Liv-ex 100_midmovers