Liv-ex 50_four weeks

Last week we wondered whether it would be too much to ask for the Liv-ex 100 to rise for a second month. It would seem not. Following its 0.9% gain in August, the Liv-ex 100 edged up 0.3% in September. Could this be the end of the fine wine market downturn? 

Regional trade_0210

Typically, many people in China and Hong Kong take holiday this week around National Day, which is celebrated on October 1st. Levels of trade were light as a result. Bordeaux’s share dropped back to 64% and the First Growth’s share of trade also fell. The latter was due to a lack of activity in Haut Brion, Latour and Margaux – the two others, Lafite and Mouton Rothschild, saw good levels of trade and each had a wine appear in the top value table.

Share of trade_val_0210

Tuscan wines once again dominated the headlines. Sassicaia 2011 saw the most trade by both value and volume, and the recently released Masseto 2011 also found buyers. This, combined with healthy volumes of trade for Tignanello and Petrolo Galatrona, boosted Italy’s share to 20.2%.