20141104 Sub Index 3 years 2

The Liv-ex 1000 index – the broadest measure of the market – held steady in October, dipping just 0.1%. Of the sub-indices, the Liv-ex Champagne 50 climbed for the second month in a row and showed the biggest gain with a rise of 2.4%. Although the Bordeaux 500 remained flat, the weakest performer was the Bordeaux Legends 50 which fell 1.2%.

This month, regions outside of France and Italy accounted for a record 6.8% of all trades by value on Liv-ex. Prices for these regions are also on the rise: the Rest of the World 50 index climbed 1.6% in October, continuing its streak as the best performing sub-index over the past three years. 

20141104 Sub Index closes 2