20141103 LX100

The Liv-ex 50 and Liv-ex 100 both held steady in October. The Liv-ex 100 rose for the third consecutive month following 17 months of decline. It closed the month on 237.94, up 0.5% on September. The Liv-ex 50 ran flat, dipping just 0.1% to close on 264.92.

As shown in the Liv-ex 100 movers’ table below, the five best and worst performers were from a variety of regions. A number of wines regained strength after a fall in prices over the summer. In July, Lafite 2009 traded for a record low of £5,600 per 12×75. This month saw its price begin to recover, though it is still far from its level at the market’s peak, when it traded for upwards of £14,000. Cristal 2002 also moved up after dipping last month, and reached a record price high. 

Cheval Blanc 2010, which has steadily declined in price in spite of its 100 point score from Robert Parker, also made gains in October. With a Mid-Price of £6,905 per 12×75 it is still far from the £9,200 that it was released at in the UK three years ago – but it seems to have reached a level which appeals to buyers.  

20141103 movers