There are under three weeks left until the end of 2014, and with the Liv-ex 100 down 7.2% year to date and the Liv-ex 50 down 9.7% it seems that the fine wine market is set for a fourth year of declines. Nonetheless, Bordeaux First Growth prices are holding steady, and the Liv-ex 50 gained 0.14% in the last week. At 86.7%, Bordeaux’s weekly trade share is the highest since Talking Trade began in July – although the First Growths’ trade share is down to just 21.7%.


Bordeaux dominated both the top value and top volume tables this week. A few heavy trades for Le Pin left it to take three top spots on the former. Mouton Rothschild 2003, meanwhile, continued to see good activity as the brand entered its seventh week as most traded First Growth by value.


On the volume table, Dow 1991 was the only non-Bordeaux wine. While Port trade typically increases at Christmas due to festive demand, the wine may also have been boosted by the fact that its younger sibling, the 2011, was voted Wine Spectator’s top wine of 2014. For more on Port, Cellar Watch subscribers should see this month’s Market Report, which was released earlier this week.