It was another strong week, with high value and volume of trade – the latter rising on last week’s six month high. Despite a falling market share for both Bordeaux and the First Growths, the Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 remained flat. 


Italy continued to push forward, accounting for 8.2% of all trade by value; three of the region’s wines were among those top traded by volume. San Guido Guidalberto – the second wine of Sassicaia – was the evident frontrunner, with good activity for both its 2011 and 2012 vintages. Burgundy and Champagne also saw their shares increase on last week.


There are two main talking points with regards to Bordeaux this week. First is the continued demand for the 2005 vintage, which has been led by Mouton Rothschild 2005 since Parker upgraded it from 96 to 99+ at the end of 2014. The 2005s accounted for 21% of all Bordeaux trade this week. The other talking point is Angelus 2012 (which we discussed on this blog earlier today). The wine has risen 60% in seven months: having traded for £1,640 per 12×75 in June 2014, it traded for £2,620 yesterday. The appeal of its commemorative black and gold bottle to an Asian market, combined with the upcoming Chinese New Year, would seem to be the cause.