Since the bottom of the market in July 2014, the Rest of the World 50 has been the strongest performer of the Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000’s sub-indices, gaining 3.2%. This makes it the only sub-index to outperform the Bordeaux 500, which has gained 1.1% – boosted in part by rising prices of Bordeaux’s 2005s.

Of the wines in the Rest of the World 50 sub-index, 34 have gained or held steady since July; 20 are up by 5% or more. Taylor has been the strongest performing brand with its 1994 vintage leading the charge, up 41.4%. The brand also accounts for three of the top four risers, and all five of its vintages fall within the top 15. Vega Sicilia was the only brand absent from the top ten. Its highest entrant came in at 18th place: the 1998 vintage was up 5.8%.