Liv-ex 1000_March

While the Liv-ex 100 and Liv-ex 50 indices both declined in March, the Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000 index – the broadest measure of the market – held steady.  It closed the month on 243.61, up 0.02% on February’s closing level.

Four of the Liv-ex 1000’s seven sub-indices made gains, with the Champagne 50 – which also took its highest ever monthly trade share – moving up the furthest, boosted by buyers stocking up in preparation for summer. The Bordeaux Legends 50 saw its third consecutive monthly gain, while the Burgundy 150 and Bordeaux 500 held steady.

After three months of rises the Rest of the World 50 index dropped back slightly. Nonetheless it remains the best performing index in the last year, having climbed 4.4% since March 2014.  

Liv-ex 1000 levels