Last week, Liv-ex published its 2015 Bordeaux Classification. The classification ranks Left Bank Bordeaux wines by price, as brokers did in 1855. This is the fourth time that Liv-ex has recreated the classification, following 2009, 2011 and 2013. This year marks the 160th anniversary of the original classification.

As with the original rankings, the 2015 Liv-ex classification did not include any Right Bank wines. The table below shows where the wines in the main Liv-ex Right Bank indices – the Right Bank 50 and the Right Bank 100 – would have been placed this year.

Once again, all of the wines in the Right Bank 50 (Petrus, Pin, Ausone, Lafleur and Cheval Blanc) have been classed as First Growths. The only wine to move between classifications this year is Angelus. With an average price of £2,019 per 12×75, it becomes a First Growth by a small margin: this year’s boundary is £2,000. Pavie – which was upgraded to St Emilion Premier Grand Cru Classe A in 2012 alongside Angelus – remains a Second Growth.


Below, we show where the second wines of the great estates – which didn’t exist in 1855 – would rank. This year, all of the First Growths’ second wines held on to their positions as second growths and remain in the same price order as in 2013.  Alter Ego moves from a third to a second growth while four wines newly become fourth growths, and Petit Lion de Las Cases – which first featured on the table in 2013 – drops to fifth. 


 For more information on the methodology use to calculate this, please click here