As we reported earlier this morning, Parker released his mini-verticals of Angelus and Pavie today. The table below shows the wines that were rescored, with pale green marking those that were upgraded, and pale orange those that were downgraded.

The biggest winner was Pavie 2010, upgraded from 98+ to 100 points – which means that the wine receives 100 points in the set of the great four wines of the 21st Century: the closest of the Bordeaux First Growths to that is Haut Brion, with three 100 point scores and 99 for the 2000. Overall, however, Angelus received the majority of the upgrades. 

The loser was the 2003 vintage. Having risen from 98+ in April 2006 to 99 in August last year, Pavie 2003 now lost three points – and as Parker notes, it was a wine “born under considerable controversy, receiving accolades and kudos from me and several of my American colleagues, but generally excoriated by the British press.” Angelus 2003 fares a little better, but drops from 99 to 98.

Is there enough here to change what the market already knows? 

Angelus and Pavie_winners_losers