The Liv-ex 1000 Index – the broadest measure of the market – dipped 0.9% in July to close on 245.82. The Bordeaux 500 Index also drifted, dropping 1.1%. With the Liv-ex 50 and Liv-ex 100 also losing points, all major indices ended the month in negative territory.

Of the sub-indices, the Rest of the World 50 – previously a top performer – fell the furthest, while the Burgundy 150 saw a loss of over 1%. The only sub-index to gain was the Rhone 100, though it still lags significantly behind the other sub-indices over 12 months.

Despite drifting in July the majority of the sub-indices have held steady or are in positive territory over one year; the slow-moving Rhone 100 bucks this trend.