A year ago we examined the 50 most viewed wines on Liv-ex, based on page clicks for January-June 2014. Below we have taken a look at the page views for January-July this year to see if there have been any changes in traders’ interests.

Notably, Mouton Rothschild has overtaken Lafite as the most viewed wine on Liv-ex – as yesterday’s blog showed, it has also been the best performing First Growth year-on-year. While the five Premier Crus continue to dominate searches despite dwindling trade shares, Haut Brion and Latour have also switched places. Their second wines, meanwhile, have lost popularity: all four in the table have fallen (Bahans/Clarence Haut Brion came in 69th place), with Carruades dropping eight places.

Non-Bordeaux brands continue to rise in popularity. Of the six wines that were pushed out of the top 50 this year, five were from Bordeaux – Fleur Petrus moved furthest down the table, from 39th most viewed wine last year to 56th this year. This has made way for six new entrants, including Haut Bailly – which saw its 2009 upgraded to 100 points this year – and four wines from beyond France.  As Ornellaia becomes this year’s 49th most viewed wine, its fellow Super Tuscan Sassicaia has risen four places to enter the top half of the table.

Several Bordeaux have also seen interest increase, including Pape Clement. In recent years, high Parker scores – including 100 for its 2010, 96 for its 2011 and 97 for its 2012 – have bolstered the wine’s popularity: having not made the top 50 in 2011, it is now the 23rd most viewed wine.

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