Petit Mouton 2012 has gained 51.3% since En Primeur release, making it the top performing wine of the vintage in the Bordeaux 500 index. Over one year, it is up 19.7% – though as the chart below shows, these gains have only been made in recent months.

The wine was released by merchants for £760 per 12×75 En Primeur. It saw gradual gains before trading at a steady £930 – £1,000 per 12×75 between April and December 2015. On Friday, it traded at a record level of £1,120 per 12×75.

Petit Mouton 2012

As shown by the chart below, Petit Mouton continues to be the best-performing Second Wine over one year. Its index – representing the price movements of the ten most recent physical vintages of the wine – has gained 14.1% since February 2015.

As a group within the Bordeaux 500 Index, the Second Wines have made the greatest gains over one year.

Second Wines

You can view current and historic price information for Petit Mouton vintages on Cellar Watch: click here.