Bordeaux 2013 has recently seen an increase in market activity. In 2016 so far, it has only accounted for 3.4% of Bordeaux trade – but last week it represented 16.3% of total trade by value on the Exchange.

In January, we discussed the vintage might appeal to buyers looking for the lowest entry point to their favourite brand – a trend which has recently been identified amongst buyers in Asia, and has stimulated interest in the second wines of the Bordeaux First Growths.

As the table below shows, recent activity has been focused on wines that are available at a discount to other vintages available in the market. All of the wines represent the cheapest available vintage compared to the 2011 and 2012s. The 2013s are in fact the cheapest of any physical vintage available.


Most of the 2013s are now above their London release price. The second wines especially are showing positive returns. This is consistent with a general trend for the second wines seen this year. Petit Mouton 2013 is now 50.1% above its London release price.