Liv-ex 1000 subindices

The Liv-ex 1000 Index gained 1.7% in March to close on 253.59. The Bordeaux 500 gained 2.4% to close on 249.01. This is its biggest month on month gain since February 2011, when it climbed 3.0%.

While the Bordeaux 500 Index was the strongest component of the Liv-ex 1000, other sub-indices also made considerable gains including the Bordeaux Legends 50 (+1.8%) and the Burgundy 150 (+1.5%). Only the Champagne 50 failed to rally.


All sub-indices of the Bordeaux 500 increased in March. The Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 and the Second Wines 50, which track the Bordeaux First Growths and their Second Wines respectively, both climbed 3.3%.

All of the sub-indices are now in positive territory over one year, with the “value” Left Bank and Second Wines continuing to lead the charge.