The September issue of The Drinks Business includes an article called “The case for efficiency”. It argues: “Technology is revolutionising the logistics behind the sale of fine wines, with Liv-ex leading the way forward”. A copy of the article can be found online here.

The article highlights the laborious nature and the potential risks involved when moving fine wine within and between warehouses – an issue that is becoming more pertinent as the market becomes increasingly global. However, by taking advantage of technological advancements, Liv-ex and the industry as a whole is becoming better prepared to deal with these challenges.

Liv-ex Managing Director James Miles explains that in order to make fine wine trading more “transparent, efficient and safe”, it has been necessary to “transform a traditionally risky and slow process into one that’s instant”. Liv-ex’s introduction of SIB (Standard in Bond) Passports, LWIN and Vine warehouse services is helping to make this a reality.

Read the full article online here.

For another example of how LWIN has helped transform operations at LCB Vinothèque you can read our case study here.