Pape Clement is among the top-performing Bordeaux wines this year. Only four wines of the Bordeaux 500 have been stronger: Le Pin and three second wines: Clarence Haut Brion, Petit Mouton and Pavillon Rouge. The Pape Clement index – which tracks the price movements of the last ten physical vintages – is up 36.8% over the last 12 months. It has outperformed the Bordeaux 500 index, which has gained 22.7% over the same period.


The 2009 vintage was the highest riser, up a staggering 76.7% over 12 months. It was also one of the top traded wines of 2016, following an upgrade from Parker to 100 points in April. All the other Pape Clement vintages saw strong price increases over this period. The top performances are those from top vintages – ’05, ’09, ’10 – and the youngest vintages.