Several Bordeaux wines have received equally high scores for their 2009 and 2010 vintages – but prices can be far from even. To find out where the gaps are, Liv-ex has identified 18 Bordeaux wines that have achieved equal scores in both years from Robert Parker and calculated the price differences between the two.

For a number of the Chateaux, both vintages are very closely priced. Pontet Canet 2009 and 2010 – both 100 points – currently command identical Market Prices. The two vintages of Haut Brion and Margaux are similarly close, priced within 1% of each other.

Elsewhere, the gaps are greater. 97-point Fleur Petrus 2010 – “a truly magnificent wine for this estate”, according to Parker – is the most heavily discounted against the 2009.

Montrose 2010, which was upgraded to 100 points in 2014, is yet to fully catch up with its “astounding” older sibling: It is available at 8.9% below the 2009. Still, this gap has narrowed considerably since before the upgrade when there was a 38% price gap between the two vintages.

A number of 2009s are available at discounts to the 2010s. 100–point Latour 2009, “one of the most remarkable young wines [Parker has] ever tasted”, is one example.

Prices and scores for the 18 wines considered are shown in the table below. Opportunities, perhaps, for those that share Parker’s palate.