Last Friday, Robert Parker upgraded Cheval Blanc 1998 to 100 points in the Hedonist’s Gazette, commenting, ‘it seems to have hit the magical three-digit perfection’. Although considered ‘unofficial’, a score in the Hedonist’s Gazette of 100 still has an impact, as the chart below for Cheval Blanc 1998 shows.

Prior to the upgrade, the wine last traded at £4,680 per 12×75. Yet by Tuesday of this week the wine had traded at its highest ever price of £5,689, an increase of 17.1% in a matter of days.

A similar phenomenon occurred with the number of visitors to the Cheval Blanc 1998 Individual Wine Page (IWP) on Liv-ex. Nearly 70% of the total visits for this month occurred on Monday and Tuesday, as news of the upgrade spread and prospective buyers and sellers watched in anticipation.


Interest in Cheval Blanc is not limited to the 98 vintage alone. Aside from the First Growths, Cheval Blanc is the most viewed wine brand this year.