Today, Neal Martin published a report containing in-bottle scores for Bordeaux 2014. He suggests that, “2014 Bordeaux is a very good to excellent vintage, however it is unequivocally not in the same realm as 2005, 2009 or 2010, nor does it boast the snow-capped peaks that you occasionally find with respect to 2015.”

Despite this, he says that there is “still much to admire”, noting that “many appear to have blossomed during their élevage and in bottle”. He points to Saint Estèphe as one appellation in particular that is showing well.

A selection of his top scores are shown below.

Bordeaux 2014

Market analysis

Martin considers how the Liv-ex Market Prices of the wines have moved in various currencies, pointing to the disparity between price movements when considered in Sterling and Dollar terms.

He suggests that “2014 is a vintage to start eyeing up now, because savvy buyers will find plenty of good quality wines that will begin to increase in value”. Given that prices for 2016 are unlikely to be cheap, pressure will be put on “well-priced and available vintages, the most attractive pair being 2012 and 2014.”

Early next week, Liv-ex will follow up with ‘fair value’ analysis based on Martin’s updated scores. Liv-ex members can find them updated on Market View.

You can view Neal Martin’s full report at