Last week in an interview for Wine Spectator, winemaker Laurent Ponsot announced plans to leave the family’s Burgundy Domaine and establish his own winery in the region. In light of this recent news, Liv-ex has looked at the performance of Ponsot Clos Roche Vv over the past twelve months.

Year-on-year, the Ponsot Clos Roche Vv index – which tracks the performance of the ten most recent physical vintages – is up 25.4%. Its parent index, the Burgundy 150, is up a similar 25.9%.

As shown in the chart below, the 2008 vintage has been the top price performer over the past year: it is up 71.4%. Despite this significant increase, it remains one of the cheapest vintages available on the market. The 2010 follows behind with gains of 36.4%. In November 2016, the wine traded at an all-time high of £4,958 per 12×75.

However, performance is not positive across the board: recent vintages 2011 and 2013 have dropped 10.1% and 13.5% respectively.

None of these come close to the heights of the acclaimed 2005 which has edged above £10,000 per 12×75 – a ‘wow’, wine, according to Allen Meadows (Burghound), with a price tag to match.