Angelus 2016 has been released at €294 per bottle ex-negociant, a 16.7% increase on the 2015 opening price of €252. It is expected to be offered by UK merchants for £3,576, up 33.4% in sterling terms on the 2015 release of £2,680 per case.

Critics have praised this year’s Angelus. James Suckling awarded a score of 99-100 remarking that the wine is “dense yet also agile and energetic”. Neal Martin scored the wine lower, between 96-98, but commented that “once in bottle, I expect it to land towards the top of my banded scale.”

Prices for Angelus show some correlation to critic scores (Wine Advocate). Not only is the 2016 vintage entering the market at a price higher than all recent vintages bar the 100 point 2005, it is also around 20% more expensive than what Liv-ex ‘fair value’ methodology would suggest. Buyers with deep pockets looking for value might be interested in the 2009 or 2010, which Robert Parker labelled as ‘candidates for perfection’ when he tasted them in 2015. Both wines currently carry scores of 99+.

Followers of James Suckling may be interested in the 2015, which was also awarded 99-100 points yet is available at a 20% discount to the current release.

Liv-ex members can see ongoing real time prices for Angelus on Market View.