Armailhac 2016

The first of the Mouton stable, Armailhac 2016, has come out at €32.40 per bottle ex-negociant. This is up 12.5% on its 2015 release price of €28.80. It is being offered by merchants at £390 per 12×75, an increase of 25.8% on the 2015 release in Sterling terms. At this price, it offers an 5.3% discount on the equally scored 2010 vintage.

Neal Martin commented that the wine was “quite simply… one of the best wines of Chateau D’Armailhac that [he has] tasted” and awarded it 92-94 points.

The latest release has been priced above other recent vintages, perhaps explained by its critical acclaim.

However, Armailhac follows the traditional pricing pattern of fine wine, where older vintages have appreciated in value as stock depletes. Prices for the wine are 75% correlated to its age and show little correlation to score, though those from ‘great’ vintages do appear to trade a slight premium.

For collectors most interested in time in bottle, the lower-priced 2008 with several years of ageing behind it might look appealing.

Armailhac 2016