This week, the number of cases stored in Liv-ex’s warehouse, Vine, reached 120,000.

Wine travels in and out of Vine daily as it trades on Liv-ex. In January, the millionth case passed through the Tilbury warehouse.

Liv-ex members also use Vine to store some or all of their reserves. Wine stored here can be traded with added efficiency. This is because cases with SIB Passports in Vine can be transferred instantly between merchant accounts, eliminating the need for the physical movement of stock. It was this innovation that earned Liv-ex the Supply Chain Initiative Award 2016 from The Drinks Business, who reported on it in detail here.

If all of the cases currently stored in Vine were laid down side by side, they would build a path of almost 39km. This is longer than the 34km between the Liv-ex office in Battersea and the Vine warehouse.

Put another way, if they were stacked into a single tower, they would reach 23km into the sky – more than twice the height of Mount Everest.

Fortunately, stacking at Vine is much more efficient than this and the cases fit neatly into a single warehouse.