Talking Trade

Given the wine trade’s focus on Vinexpo in Bordeaux this week, it was fitting that the region’s wines accounted for 78.5% of trade by value on the exchange, setting a record high for the year.

Although ‘other’ regions only accounted for 1.1% of trade, the number of countries’ wines that regularly trade on the exchange continues to expand. This week wines from South Africa, New Zealand, Chile, Germany and Hungary all found the bid.

The top five trade by value table is populated exclusively by wines from Bordeaux. Lafite Rothschild vintages accounted for 20% of trade so it is unsurprising that three out of five wines in the table come from the Lafite stable. The 2014 vintage of the Grand Vin traded at an all-time high on Thursday of £4,690. This is 61.7% higher than its release price. Carruades 2014 also traded just off its all-time high, at £2,140. The wine is trading 132.6% above the price it was released at just over two years ago.

Wine Matcher

On Wednesday Liv-ex unveiled Wine Matcher, an award-winning artificial intelligence tool for the fine wine trade that automates the labour intensive process of standardising and valuing lists of wine. You can read more about the release here, or watch a short YouTube video explaining how Wine Matcher works.

Bordeaux 2016 conclusions

Earlier in the week Liv-ex published the results of a survey conducted in April where members were asked to predict Bordeaux 2016 release prices for a basket of wines. On average, merchants predicted that the basket of wines would cost €2,060.26, representing a 7% increase on 2015 prices. In reality it would cost €2,154.00, a 11.9% increase.

Also published was a post looking at how release prices developed throughout campaign. Next week, Liv-ex will publish a concluding report on Bordeaux 2016.