The Bordeaux show

Bordeaux’s trade share was unusually high this week at 81.7%. However, in a slower week of trade on the market, this was more about a dip in trade from other regions than any genuine Bordeaux resurgence.

Burgundy is the notable exception. It continued to trade actively, accounting for 11.3% of trade by value.

The topic of Bordeaux’s declining market share was covered on Liv-ex Insights yesterday.

A Lafite week

Lafite Rothschild was the most active wine, trading significantly more than the other First Growths. Its 2011 was the most traded overall. This remains one of the cheapest Lafite vintages available, though its price has been steadily climbing since the end of 2015 as the chart below shows.

Yquem’s seven days

At brand level, Yquem was the fifth most traded wine this week. As Wednesday’s post showed, prices for the wine have finally been climbing after an extended period of decline. Several older vintages have been hitting new highs.

The ‘98 hit a high on Tuesday and ’97 reached a record level on Wednesday. By Thursday the ‘99 had also reached new highs.

Have you heard of LWIN?

This week, Liv-ex released a short video on LWIN, the Liv-ex Wine Identification Number. You can watch the video below and find out more about LWIN here.