Lafite Rothschild continues to attract the most attention from the international fine wine trade, according to search data compiled by Liv-ex. Chateaux including Figeac, Canon and Rauzan Segla have increasingly moved into the spotlight this year.

Each summer, we examine the top 50 most viewed wines on Liv-ex, based on visits to wine pages from January to July. Search data acts as a barometer for the interests of fine wine merchants, showing where there have been changes in the trade’s interests each year.

Firsts first

The Bordeaux First Growths continue to occupy the top five spots in the table. They remain in the same order as last year, with Lafite Rothschild holding its position as the most viewed wine by Liv-ex members. It is also the most traded by value on the market.

Margaux remains in fourth place despite dropping behind Latour in trade value.


Figeac is this year’s big winner. It has climbed 26 places into the 18th spot. Other climbers include Chanel-owned Canon (+24) and Rauzan Segla (+17).

Both Figeac and Canon were classified as second growths in this year’s Liv-ex Bordeaux Classification.

Montrose moved up to sixth place, making it the most viewed wine outside of the First Growths.


Eglise Clinet (-15), Pape Clement (-12) and Duhart Milon (-6) dropped furthest down the table.  Super Tuscan Sassicaia fell five places. Despite this, it remains one of the most traded wines on the market in 10th place.

This year’s top 50 are shown in the table below in full.

Liv-ex most wanted