Forts Latour 2010

Forts Latour 2010 has been released at €175 per bottle ex-negociant, an increase of 6.2% from initial 2011 en primeur release price (€162). International merchants are offering the wine at around £2,100 per 12×75. It is being reported that around 2,000 cases have been made available.

Given that Forts Latour 2010 was initially released at the top of the wine market in 2011, today’s price represents a discount of 8.7% on the ex-London opening price of £2,300 in 2011, yet a premium of 16.2% on the wine’s current Market Price of £1,850.

Typically, ‘ex-Chateau’ releases attempt to command a premium in the market based on a guarantee of the provenance of the wine. However, over the last three Forts Latour releases the ex-chateau premium has fallen from a high of 20.9% in March 2016, to 17.9% in March 2017 for Forts Latour 2011, to 16.2% for today’s offering.