The October half-term has not slowed down activity on the exchange. Instead the complexion of trade changed from the previous week, with the average transaction price falling 12.7% as a large increase in volume was offset by a slight decrease in value.

A quiet week for the First Growths, which comprised just 12.3% of trade, pushed Bordeaux’s trade share down to 65.5%. Still, the Liv-ex 50 continues to rally, up 0.1% on last week’s close.

Australia’s market share continues to climb. This week the region accounted for 3.5% of trade by value. Penfolds Grange 2008 and Two Hands, Lily’s Garden 2006 both found the bid in volume.

Right Bank

Three powerful Right Bank brands, Le Pin, Petrus and Ausone were amongst the most traded wines this week. Robert Parker 100 point Le Pin 2009, which has been the most active wine this month, traded at an all-time high of £35,030.

On the other hand, not only is the last trade price of Ausone 2011 21.9% below the ex-London open, when converted into euro per bottle, it is also lower than the ex-chateau price.

Recently released Pol Roger, Sir Winston Churchill 2006 found the bid in volume for the second week in the row.

Right Bank

Premium sales

On Thursday Decanter launched Decanter Premium, a new online product with exclusive access to Decanter tasting notes and content.

Earlier today Artémis Group, the owner of Chateau Latour, confirmed they had purchased Clos de Tart for an undisclosed amount.