This week Bordeaux’s market share climbed to 68.4% as older vintages found the bid. Just under half the traded value was contributed by vintages younger than 2006.

Yesterday the Liv-ex 50 hit a new five-year high, closing at 351.84, up 0.3% on the week. As was the case in August, prices have edged forward on account of Sterling weakness. The index’s performance over the past year shows considerable divergence depending on what currency it’s viewed in, as the chart below shows.

Active Burgundy

Burgundy’s trade share remains solid, with the white wines commanding an equal level of market attention to the reds. Coche Drury and Armand Rousseau have been in high demand over the last month.

Cheval Blanc finding the bid

For the second week in a row a Cheval Blanc vintage was the most traded wine by value. This time it was the turn of the 2010. Despite the secondary Market Price remaining steady around the £8,400 mark, placing the wine at the same price level as the 1990 and 1982 vintages, over the last six months this wine has been trading on Liv-ex around the £7,600 to £8,000 range.

Margaux in focus

Late last Friday Chateau Margaux announced that the 2015 vintage would be bottled in special packaging to commemorate their new chai and pay homage to Paul Pontallier. There was also a renewed interest in older vintages of Margaux, which was the most active First Growth over the past seven days. Two Neal Martin 100 point wines, the 1996 and 2005 vintages proved popular.

The premium the market is pricing into this special bottle led Liv-ex to investigate five other occasions that changes in packaging had an impact on price.