This week the UK trade have been treated to a plethora of Burgundy 2016 tastings. On Tuesday alone there were at least 11 tastings taking place in London. Correspondingly activity on Liv-ex lifted, buyers being particularly keen on the 2015 vintage, including one of this week’s most active wines, Maison Leroy Bourgogne Blanc 2015.

Bordeaux’s trade share dipped to 58.1% as levels of the high value 2009 and 2010 vintages dropped from last week.

Older Biondi Santi vintages caught the eye lifting Italy’s market share to 11.6%

Mouton Rothschild 2007 was this week’s most traded wine. Given the early drinking profile of 2007 vintage, there is little stock in the market. When combined with the natural demand for ready to drink claret, this has recently helped to push the prices up. During 2017 on average the Market Prices of the 2007s within the Bordeaux 500 rose 14%.

Also on Liv-ex

On Tuesday Liv-ex published the results of our survey showing that Fine Wine merchants only just overestimated price rises in 2017.

Yesterday Liv-ex looked at some of the themes developing on the outskirts of the Power 100, including the rise of Chablis and the emergence of some new world stars.