Bordeaux’s trade share continued to hover close to record lows this week at 55.3% by value. Burgundy climbed higher, accounting for nearly a quarter of activity. The region was boosted by trades for several DRC labels from the 2014 vintage.

Activity for the Rhone slowed down after a busy January, though the market remains interested in its 2015s. Trade for this vintage was split evenly between North and South.

Although Bordeaux continued to lag overall, it dominates the tables of top traded wines. A clear trend this week is interest in the 2015s, which have been arriving with merchants around the world.

The acclaimed Margaux 2015, with its commemorative bottle, remains in the spotlight. Last Friday, James Suckling released scores for the vintage and became the third major critic to award the wine a perfect 100 points in bottle. This week, Wine Spectator’s James Molesworth bucked the trend, scoring it a nearly perfect 99.

The table below shows five of the most traded Bordeaux 2015s this week, comparing their last trade to their release prices. Margaux’s price moves are well known (and staggering), but the increases of Carruades Lafite (95.4%) and Petit Mouton (79.5%) are almost equally impressive.

By way of comparison, the Bordeaux 500 index has gained 23% since summer 2016 when these entered the market.

The big Bugundy report

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