About Liv-ex

Liv-ex operates the global marketplace for fine wine. Its exchange, data and logistics services help merchants to transform their fine wine businesses.

Liv-ex was founded in 2000 by former stockbrokers James Miles and Justin Gibbs. The growth of the internet provided them with an opportunity to bring together a fragmented marketplace and make fine wine trading more transparent, efficient and safe. Today, 400 merchant members from 35 different countries trade on the Liv-ex exchange. Liv-ex is independent: it does not hold stock or deal with private clients.

Liv-ex’s fine wine indices are quoted by Bloomberg and Reuters. The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 – composed of wines from eight different regions – is recognised as the industry benchmark. The broader Liv-ex 1000 index tracks 1,000 wines from across the globe and its performance can be broken down by region.

Liv-ex is the largest, most comprehensive source of historical and real-time fine wine price data. It provides access to the 40,000 price changes that occur in the market every day, including live bids and offers, transaction prices, merchant list prices and auction hammer prices.