Fine wine professionals – Liv-ex

Liv-ex trading membership is available to professional traders of fine wine only.

Membership overseen by the membership committee, comprising appointed members of the trade and Liv-ex Board members.

Other fine wine professionals, such as producers, can join Liv-ex on a ‘Information only’ basis. These members are able to view Liv-ex prices but cannot buy or sell.

Liv-ex offers a number of different packages to suit the needs of different members.

For more information, or to submit a membership application, click here.


Fine wine collectors – Cellar Watch

If you are a collector or private investor, you can use Cellar Watch to view Liv-ex price data, track your cellar value and analyse the market. Subscriptions start at just £5.99 per month.

Cellar Watch enables you to:

  • Search for prices
    Access the same independent information used by professional fine wine traders worldwide.
  • Value your wine
    Create cellars online to value, organise and track the performance of your wine. Receive a monthly valuation report
  • Analyse the market
    Receive a monthly Market Report containing the latest Liv-ex research and analysis.

To join Cellar Watch today, visit