Liv-ex prices and terminology
Liv-ex is a transaction-based source of real time and historic fine wine market data. Its price data is used by professional fine wine merchants to value their stock and inform buying and selling decisions. Private collectors can view Liv-ex data via

All Liv-ex prices are reflective of stock held in bond. This means that they exclude taxes, which vary according to country.

Market Price
The price you are likely to pay for Standard-In-Bond (SIB) compliant stock (with no condition issues*) in the market. Calculated from the lowest prices advertised by leading stockholders in the EU.

Last Liv-ex Trade
The most recent trade between professional fine wine merchants on Liv-ex. Prices given are for 12x75cl trades, or 6x75cl converted to a 12x75cl price. These trades are for SIB-compliant stock with no condition issues.*

Used to calculate the Liv-ex indices and value the world’s leading fine wine funds. The mid-point between the highest live bid and lowest live offer on the market, validated against additional data including transaction prices.

Special Trades
Trade prices for wines with one or more condition issues.* Prices given are for 12x75cl trades, or 6x75cl converted to a 12x75cl price.

Auction Price
The 30-day average price collected from all of the major auction houses.

Average List Price
The 30-day mean price for all stock listed by Liv-ex merchants.

Bid Price and Offer Price
The price at which Liv-ex trading members are currently bidding to buy or offering to sell the wine on the market.

*Possible condition issues include but are not limited to: label and/or capsule damage, signs of leakage or pushed out corks, low levels of wine in bottle, non-EU or merchant strip labels, non-original packaging.