Outlook for the 2016 vintage

The best case scenario for any year in Bordeaux is that plentiful supplies of quality wine are produced, ready to be released into a healthy market. 2016 appears to fit the bill exactly.

Yields have broken all recent records. As producer and writer Gavin Quinney suggests in his harvest reports, 2016 is the largest Bordeaux harvest since 2006 when there was 10% more vineyard area. The region is expected to produce around 577 million litres, of which 85% is red, 10% is dry white, 4% is rose an 1% is sweet white. This equates to a staggering 770 million bottles.

Bordeaux Yields 2006-2016

Quality also looks promising. As Quinney notes, the summer months of 2016 were extremely dry. The vines eventually found refreshment when heavy rain started to fall in the middle of September, but the harvest was picked in glorious sunshine. Minimal threat of rot meant that growers were free to choose picking dates for each of their parcels.

Of course, the verdict on the vintage will only become clear once the trade and critics begin to return from Bordeaux in the coming weeks.

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