Talking Trade – the Rest of the World shines bright

  • The ‘others’ category at a recent weekly high
  • Masseto 2014 leads trade by value
  • Bordeaux 500 sub-indices: a year’s view
  • Liv-ex in the news

Declining market activity this week allowed the ‘others’ category to come into the spotlight and triple its share of trade to account for 6.8% of the total value. This was largely driven by Spain (2.3%), Australia (2.2%) and China (1.3%). Different vintages of Vega Sicilia Unico, Torbreck Run Rig and Ao Yun proved popular.

Champagne sustained its share at a similar level of 7%, while Italy maintained its at 13.9%. Burgundy’s rose to 21.2%, 2/3 of which was due to its red wines. Bordeaux fell back to 48%, and the Liv-ex 50, the index tracking the price movements of the First Growths, dipped 0.25% on last week’s close.

Masseto 2014 led trade by value this week. The Super Tuscan last traded at £4,180, 4.6% below its current Market Price and 0.5% down on its release. Its 2016 vintage is due to be released in early September through La Place de Bordeaux and has already received effusive levels of critical praise. Next week, we will update you on other upcoming fine wine releases to look out for.

The rest of the most active wines were divided between Burgundy and Bordeaux. The 100-point Robert Parket Pontet Canet 2010 featured in the top five, with a last automated trade at £1,860, up 24% on its current Market Price.

Bordeaux 500: the best performers

The best performing Bordeaux chateau since June 2018 has been Fleur Petrus. Its index has risen by 9% in the past year. Still, within the Bordeaux 500 sub-indices, it is not the Right Bank that has been leading the way. Click here to find out more.

Liv-ex in the news

The Liv-ex Classification 2019 has attracted the attention of the press, with Harper’s, Barron’s and Wine News Italy covering it extensively this month. This week, The Telegraph also published an article on Tignanello – “the flash new wine status symbol” – using Liv-ex data. For more information on its price performance over the past five years, take a look at our August Market Report.

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