LIVE opportunities: affordable offers from Bordeaux

When one mentions Bordeaux, minds often turn to the wines of Lafite, Mouton Rothschild, Haut Brion, etc. While these wines see a significant amount of trade on the exchange, they are rarely the wines that will be used to stock the shelves or are consumed during a weekday lunch.

Bordeaux is a huge area within which 6,100 growers produce just over 600 million bottles a year on average. An increasing amount of these wines are being offered on your Exchange – wines that fulfil the purposes above. Bordeaux ‘drinking’ wines.

In the chart below, you can see that trades for Bordeaux drinking wines, those priced under £25 a bottle, have seen a significant increase since we’ve started observing the data. While price movements of Bordeaux classified growths receive the most attention, there’s always been a strong underlying stream of affordably priced wines that change hands on the exchange.

The LIVE offer exposure of Bordeaux drinking wines also continues to increase. There was nearly £1m in LIVE offers to start February, with all major subregions represented.

LIVE offers start at just £58 per 12×75 for the 91.5 point (JS) Chateau Grand Village Blanc 2012.

The full list of LIVE offers can be found below – over 670 lines to choose from.

LIVE Bordeaux drinking wines