LIVE Opportunities: Were you working this weekend? 

Were you working this weekend? Because your wines were…

Weekend trade rose above its 12-week moving average for a second consecutive week as the lines between weekdays and the weekend continue to blur. 

During the second lockdown, in winter 2020, weekend trade nearly doubled and has continued above that level (shown by support lines). After a quieter period in spring of this year, the most recent weekends of trade are once again trending upwards.  

The top traded wines by value from the weekend in the first half of 2021 can be seen the chart below. They are very different to those traded during the week (see here). 

If you have spotted one of these wines on your list or would like to take advantage of almost 3,000 different wines (LWIN11s) that have traded over the weekend in 2021, then list stock live before shutting down your computer on a Friday.  

The ‘Your List’ page can help you act on these opportunities. It allows you to offer wine efficiently, and in bulk. You can add margin automatically and see your prices against live market data including the last trade and Market Price.

 If you have recently sent in your list, you’ll be able to see it on the Your List page. If you haven’t, please it to and our team will upload it for you.

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