LIVE Opportunities: Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW adds to California’s perfect points tally

  • California has the most 100-point scores awarded so far this year. 
  • Two more were given a “perfect” score in the Wine Advocate last week. 
  • Californian trade by value is 7% of the total market so far this year.

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Our chart last week showed California is the wine region awarded the most 100-point scores so far in 2021.  

Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW added two more to that tally last Friday (30th July), awarding both wines below a straight 100-points:  

This adds to her total of perfect Californian wines scored this year, which now stands at 11 as seen in the table below:  

Trade for US wines in 2021, of which California makes up 99.5%, stands at 7% of total trade by value to the end of July – up from 5.9% in the same period in 2020. 

The top trading US wines (LWIN11s) of 2021 are:   

The list extends for another 338 LWIN11s. 

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