It’s important to get the price right, which is why wine businesses worldwide rely on Liv-ex data for their En Primeur campaigns. It is the most comprehensive database of fine wine prices in the world. With it, you, your team and your customers can make smart buying and selling decisions, especially during Bordeaux En Primeur 2020.

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Throughout the campaign, we will be covering the releases as they happen and publishing pricing analysis.  

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“I recommend readers trying to decide whether a primeur release is correctly priced make these judgements on a wine-by-wine basis, using the data and charts published by Liv-ex in response to each release”

Chris Kissackwine writer and critic

Critic scores grid

Our critic scores grid compares the latest En Primeur scores from key Bordeaux wine critics.  

Key prices page

Our key prices page displays the latest Bordeaux En Primeur 2020 releases in the context of recent vintages. The table is updated each time a new release is announced and shows the ex-négociant and ex-London price for all the top wines.  

Fair Value Tool

Liv-ex members on a Silver package or higher can see real-time prices for all Bordeaux wines on our Fair Value tool.  

The dashboard allows you to view the Bordeaux En Primeur 2020 charts from our blogs in real-time and in multiple currencies: GBP (12×75), EUR (1×75) and USD (1×75).  

You can also filter between your favourite critics and see historical release prices all in one place.  

'Fair value' methodology

Liv-ex’s ‘Fair Value’ methodology represents a useful approach to pricing wines. It uses regression analysis to measure the relationship between price and quality and establish the fair price of a wine based on its critic score and vintages already available in the market.  


Each year, Liv-ex publishes two reports assessing thEn Primeur campaign, analysing the market dynamics surrounding it. The first, titled Bordeaux 2020: A sense of déjà vu, is published ahead of the campaign. This report is now available to all. 

Reports from previous campaigns are also available.


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“Liv-ex is a sort of lie-detector and truth seeker in our profession. The reports are stunning and the platform itself is highly respected.”

Matthew JukesWine writer and critic

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